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Facts About Microsoft That'll Keep You Up At Night

Microsoft Inc. is one of the most largest and most influential companies, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1981, While its roots were set up during 1971. In each era of computer's evolution , Microsoft has strong impact/presence in every area of computer software, like from programming to end-user apps. Microsoft gained world's attention when Microsoft organized an operating system for IBM's first computer, named "PC-DOS". After some time, they introduced their own version "MS-DOS" (Microsoft Disk Operating System).
The early 1980s witnessed both IBM's and Microsoft's First successing steps to high fortunes. In 1983, Microsoft dominated the software market when it introduced its first Windows Operating system, after being inspired by Apple's Mac Graphical USER INTERFACE. Windows was way more user-friendly than DOS.
Microsoft's Office applications, like Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint remain successful till now.
From the mid 1990s, Microsoft faced many challenges considering its marketing practices. But Microsoft seems likely to remain one of the most influential providers of information tech. Microsoft's corporate headquaters are found at different places on the globe, in over 60 countries worldwide
After the first release of windows, Steve Jobs and Apple inc. Filed a suit clamming that Microsoft stole their idea of GUI (graphical user interface). Microsoft in response, claimed that Both the Apple inc. and Microsoft got their inspiration from the Xerox which is the main reason of the similarities in their OS (operating system).

Windows Evolution over The Past 30 years
• 1985: Microsoft Windows 1.0
• 1987: Microsoft Windows 2.0-2.11
• 1990: Microsoft Windows 3.0
• 1993: Microsoft Windows NT
• 1995: Microsoft Windows 95
• 1998: Microsoft Windows 98
• 2000: Microsoft Windows ME
• 2001: Microsoft Windows XP
• 2006: Microsoft Windows Vista
• 2009: Microsoft Windows 7
• 2012: Microsoft Windows 8
• 2015: Microsoft Windows 10

Best Products by Microsoft :
• Microsoft Arc Touch mouse
• Microsoft Xbox Original (2005)
• Microsoft Xbox One
• Microsoft Xbox Kinect
• Microsoft Exchange Server
• Microsoft Surface tablet
• Microsoft Flight Simulator (Video Game)

Some Interesting Facts About Microsoft :

1) Microsoft is currently hosting over 150 companies even including Hotmail, Skype, Vision Corporation, and Yammer. Just these six companies are worth over 1 billion .

2) Microsoft Windows doesn't let you to make folders with the name "CON", "PRN", "AUX" or "NUL". Want to know why? These are reserved by DOS as keywords.

3) There Are many auto-type Sentences commands supported by Microsoft word, the most popular of them is “=rand(200,99),” when written without quotes in word gives "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps over the Lazy Dog". The reason of its popularity is because it contains all 26 alphabets in English Language.

4) Writing 'Q33N' in Wingdings font in Microsoft word will give you the output of the flight that sturck one of the World Trade Centers on 9/11. Go Ahead try it now.

5) The Worker/Engineers working at Microsoft include over 76 percent of male and 23 percent of female. The average age can be found as 38 years old.

6) Microsoft was originally developed for its own version of the unix os called Xenix, which was supposed to be user for Microcomputers.

7) Microsoft Surface tablet was build in Complete secrecy in Redmond, Washington, U.S, In an underground bunker where the engineers worked on the tablet.

8) Microsoft now has 90,000+ Employees, Nearly 36,000 more than the total population of Redmond, Washington, Where the main headquarter is.

9) According to Forbes, co-founder Bill Gates Reported worth is now 61.3 billion dollars.

10) On Jan 6, 2011, Microsoft's Xbox Sold 50 million units. By April 2012, that figure reached 67 million. 

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